What is the difference between LIFE COACHING and counseling?

What is the difference between LIFE COACHING and counseling?

This is a great question and one we often hear. A Christian Life Coach has been described as one who helps bring order to thoughts, plans, and goals to help produce a desired result… a missionary of hope, cheerleader, organizer, and professional encourager.

Once you have processed where you have been and you are ready to move forward, you are ready for coaching!

In a broad sense, life coaching is more a present and future focus on direction and goals and action steps while counseling often deals with hurts, habits and changes. A life coach will work with you as you set goals and may assist you as you transition from one life event/life stage to another. A counselor may help you process past wounds and relational struggles and lead you through a season of healing. It is not uncommon and can be helpful for a client to have both a counselor and a life coach as they partner to help their client work through issues and set new personal goals for health and healing.

Benefits of Life Coaching

  • Clarity of Direction and Goals
  • Enhanced Relationships
  • Stronger Spiritual Relationship
  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Work Performance
  • Greater Life Satisfaction
Angel King, BCACLC

Client Reviews

“Angel King is a God-send and a life saver! My husband and I made an appointment with Angel to help us set goals and navigate our way through several challenging life changes that all happened together. From our first session, we knew we had chosen someone who could help us take hold our circumstances, which were overwhelming and stressful, and bring them into realistic focus. Angel is a committed Christian who is using her God-given gifts to guide and encourage us. She prays with us and for us; she listens to our challenges, and with wise discernment, helps us set goals and develop measurable, realistic solutions to reach them. The results we are experiencing are amazing! She is helping us emerge from these challenges with new perspectives and new ways of handling them moving forward– and this has brought us a new level of peace. She is truly being used by God and is an answer to our prayers! We cannot thank her enough!” M. B., Greensboro, NC

“Angel is the calming force in my chaotic life. Her coaching has taught me how to manage stress, create balance, and further my walk with the Lord. She’s amazing!” D.K., Raleigh, NC

“Angel King is an exceptional life coach. With the warm voice of patience, professionalism and reason, she has coached me through many of life’s challenges, demands and disappointments. She’s absolutely the best.” E.S., Greenville, NC

“I wholeheartedly endorse the ‘life coaching’ service. At a time when I had many decisions to make, Angel helped me to sort through ‘next, not yet, and never’. This help was invaluable to me, keeping me from being frozen by indecision.” P.A., Charlotte, NC