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Fees & Policies: Christian Counseling and Coaching

COUNSELING: $160/hourly session ($320/two hours). Our Director Dr. Mike Garrett is $170/hour ($340/two hours). 

TWO COUNSELORS: $320/hourly session ($640/two hours).    

LIFE COACHING:  $130/hourly session. ($260/two hours)  

COUNSELOR + COACH: $290/hourly session

Insurance will usually reimburse a major portion of our counseling fee. The fee is $160/per hourly session ($320/two hour session) for all therapists except for Dr. Mike. His fee is $170/per hourly session ($340/two hour session). Dr. Mike and Rhonda are also available together for $320/hour ($640/two hour session).  We do ask our clients to pay the full fee at the time of each session and we provide you with a medical receipt to take home to submit for reimbursement. We have found this policy to work well for most clients.  That fee structure is the same whether we are seeing an individual, a couple or a family. (HSA/FSA medical expense cards may still be used for these fees.)

Extended Sessions:  We are also available for extended sessions of 2-4 hours for couples who are in crisis or for those who want to make faster progress or reduce the number of trips they need to make. Extended sessions can be especially appealing for clients who travel a longer distance for our counseling services. Our fee for extended sessions is the same rate as for regular appointments.

Cancellation Policy:  Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment to avoid any charges. If cancellation or reschedule notice is not provided within 24 hours before an appointment then fees will be charged.

Missed Appointments: If cancellation is not given by email, voicemail, or by phone at least 24 hours in advance, then regretfully we will bill you our half fee for the first session and then full fee for any future missed or late cancellations (less than 24 hour notice). Future appointments may need to be prepaid.

Our Marriage Intensives are scheduled at least one month in advance.

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