Online Video Counseling

Online Video Counseling

Online Video Counseling or “Telecounseling” via video or phone is a viable form of treatment to promote continuity of care when the client or the practitioner cannot physically be present in the practitioner’s office. This will be real-time counseling or life coaching by computer, tablet or phone at a scheduled appointment time.

Online Video Counseling is very effective for most clients but may not be the best venue for some people.

Online Video Counseling Procedure:

1 – Make an appointment as usual through our office at (919-260-5830)
Request Virtual Tele-counseling with your counselor or life coach.

2 – Intake Forms:  All client forms are completed electronically using your new client portal in SIMPLEPRACTICE. If you have not received the link to create your portal, please call or text 919-260-5830 or email us at:

3 – AFTER receiving your intake documents, you will receive an email invitation from us and SIMPLEPRACTICE with a link to your online appointment room. The email will provide the day, time of appointment and live link for your session. Do not click on the link until the time of your appointment.

4 – FEES: Same as regular counseling or coaching. ($160/hour for counseling; $130/hour for life coaching)

Day/Time of Session

  • Set up your computer or device having your audio turned on (lower right corner)
  • At the time of your session, click on the live link provided in the email sent earlier and you will be in the online video ‘waiting room’
  • Wait until your provider joins you online.  If there is a long delay, or your provider does not join you within 10 minutes of your scheduled session, please call our office at 919-260-5830
  • Plan to end your session after 50 minutes as usual