Marriage Intensives (One-Day or 2 1/2 Days)

BikeCouple_450x300We often encounter couples who have gotten off track and need “intensive care” and they need it immediately and not a little at a time spread over the next 4-6 months.

For many distressed couples, a multi-day, concentrated marriage counseling “intensive” is often called for when couples are reaching a crisis point. These are usually the times when significant issues such as constant conflict, breakdown in communication, past hurts and wounds, financial pressures, parenting and intimacy issues or even infidelity have driven a wedge between husband and wife.

At Christian Counseling Associates Counseling Intensives are a specialty. Our proprietary Connected Marriage Home© program provides motivated couples with the detailed and customized care they need to get their marriages back on track and in a position of long-term relational health.

Our Intensives take on three forms:

  1. 2 1/2 Day Couples Intensive involves one couple working exclusively with seasoned therapists for 2 ½ days on a personalized fast-track where concentrated immediate attention is desired. Total cost is $3250.
  2.  A ONE-Day Marriage Tune-Up which involves one couple working with two seasoned therapists for a full day (9:30 am-5:30pm) to repair and start to rebuild the relationship. Total cost is $1250.
  3.  A Group Intensive includes three to five couples working concurrently with seasoned therapists for 2 1/2 days.  This format provides many of the benefits of the personalized Couples Intensive with the additional value of guided instruction and a lot of group interaction. Group Intensives are scheduled on a regular basis throughout the year and cost less than Couples Intensives. In many cases a Group Intensive is the best course for couples. Total cost is $2250.

We have devoted a great deal of space on our website to Intensives because we have seen what a critical role they can play in helping couples in crisis. We invite you to spend time in our Intensives Section to learn more.  Then, please be sure to contact us by online form, if we may answer questions or schedule you for an Intensive in the near future.