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What is Life Coaching?

Not sure where to start? Need someone to help?

A Life Coach will walk with you as your advocate, encourager, and helper as you set goals to get you from where you are to where you want to be. A Coach helps bring organization and focus as you navigate life transitions with intention and purpose to create your step-by-step action plans.  Counseling deals more with problems and personal issues. Coaching deals more with charting your course and overcoming obstacles.

Angel King is our team Life Coach. She is certified through the Board of Christian Life Coaching, an affiliate of American Association of Christian Counselors. She received her master’s credentials through the International Board of Christian Care. She specializes in life balance, stress and time management, organizational, grief and crisis care coaching.

FEE is $110/hourly session.

In addition to her certification in Life Coaching Angel is certified through Cornell University in Plant-Based Nutrition and also credentialed in Radiology. Angel enjoyed dual careers in medicine and ministry for many years before joining the CCAR team. Angel is from NC and grew up in the ministry of her parents. Her dad was a local pastor and later her family were missionaries to the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes in Oklahoma.

Angel is committed to supporting her clients as they find success and greater fulfillment through their goals as they seek God’s plan for their lives. She coaches with a balance of compassion and accountability. Angel is married to her sweetheart, Rich. They have two adult children and live in Raleigh. Angel is an avid learner and still enjoys medical research, being outside in nature, whether at a park or at the beach, and especially spending time with her family. She finishes advanced certification in Biblical Counseling in 2021.

Dr. Russ Rainey practiced as a Licensed Professional Christian Counselor for over 30 years. He has served five churches as Director of Counseling, Support, and Recovery, and he has taught graduate courses in Christian Counseling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas. He served as Regional Outpatient Director for Rapha (a Christian Psychiatric Hospital Corporation), and was the Vice President of Coaching Services at Matthew 28 Global Ministries.

Russ received an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Texas in Arlington. He then attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, and earned a Master’s degree and a Doctor’s degree in Psychology and Counseling, graduating in 1988. Russ currently works as a Board-Certified Coach, providing marriage coaching, and a Pastoral Counselor for Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO.

Dr. Rainey has coached a wide variety of believers over the last 15 years including ministers, missionaries, and Christian leaders. He is also a coach trainer for discipleship coaching. Russ believes that coaching and pastoral counseling are effective forms of one-on-one, deep discipleship. Russ is married to the love of his life, Janet, and they have two married, adult sons. As a couple, they enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking. 

Jessica Coombs, is a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and is working towards becoming a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (ACLC). Jessica has also studied Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Seminary and also holds a B.A. in Music from Lee University. She has a passion for helping people find their niche and grow personally and spiritually. People who know her are always attracted to her wit and wisdom. She is the daughter of Dr. Mike and Rhonda Garrett, our practice Directors, and learned from an early age the importance of mentoring and encouraging and problem solving. With this background Jessica and her husband Brandon, who is also a Life Coach, have been on the forefront of shepherding, guiding and challenging many people to find and follow God’s purpose and paths for their lives. Jessica also shares her musical talents by teaching piano and leading worship in her local church. Jessica and Brandon take great pleasure in family life with their two amazing young daughters Annie and Rachel.

Our counseling team is ready to help you.

I wholeheartedly endorse the ‘life coaching’ service. At a time when I had many decisions to make, Angel helped me to sort through ‘next, not yet, and never’. This help was invaluable to me, keeping me from being frozen by indecision.”  P.A., Charlotte, NC

Angel King is an exceptional life coach. With the warm voice of patience, professionalism and reason, she has coached me through many of life’s challenges, demands and disappointments. She’s absolutely the best.”  E.S., Greenville, NC

“Angel is the calming force in my chaotic life. Her coaching has taught me how to manage stress, create balance, and further my walk with the Lord. She’s amazing!”  D.K., Raleigh, NC

Life Coaching Raleigh