Holiday Stress

Dreading the holidays? Have they got you stressed or feeling down?

If so, you are not alone.

Here are 7 practical tips and strategies to help you manage stress and the blues during the holidays:

  1. Practice self-care.  Get enough sleep, choose healthy foods, and avoid overindulging in too many holiday treats and sweets.  Take a walk, listen to music, give yourself a “time-out” when needed.  Plan some time for relaxing.

  2. Acknowledge your feelings.  If you are not able to be with family, or a loved one has died recently it is normal to feel sadness and grief. Give yourself permission for your feelings.  It is okay to feel sad and to grieve.  It is also okay to reach out and seek support from friends, family, and your church pastor or priest. 

  3. If being home is too painful a reminder of your lost loved one, plan a family vacation or outing instead of being home.

  4. Keep things simple.  Use store gift wrapping services, share cooking responsibilities, plan easy menus. Pare down your “to do” list. Set realistic expectations.

  5. Set a holiday budget and keep track of spending. 

  6. Don’t feel guilty about declining invitations to holiday gatherings or going to a gathering but giving yourself permission to leave early. 

  7. Focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

We are here for you if in spite of your best efforts sadness, grief or irritability persists and is interfering with your everyday activities.  Please call us for a consultation or an appointment.